Compact Loft & Spacesaver Staircases

A Space Saver, loft or alternating tread Staircase is a Staircase that has alternating treads allowing you to get up a flight of stairs in approximately half the going distance of a normal flight of stairs. These stairs are very popular for loft conversions and other situations where space is at a premium.

Each spacesaver staircase is manufactured to fit your floor-to-floor measurement as each riser must be of equal height to comply with building regulations. All of our spacesaver staircases conform to current building regulations for alternating tread staircases. As the spacesaver staircase it built to fit your specifications, we can incorporate a bespoke quarter landing to your staircase if required.

Spacesaver staircases can be supplied with handrails as an optional extra and carpet inserts (as shown in some pictures) are available on all but the most basic staircases. Spacesaver staircases may be delivered either flat packed or fully assembled as required.

Standard spacesaver staircases are available as the Budget Space Saver, Birch 24, Beech 40, Ash 40 and the Oak 40 models. Click on a link on the left for more information on each spacesaver staircase model.

Spacer Saver Staircase - plan view
On the left is a typical plan layout of a space saver staircase with 12 risers. The going space required for our space saver staircases (the footprint length for the staircase from the trimmer line to the face of the bottom nosing) is listed below:

  • 10 Riser Staircase 1130mm
  • 11 Riser Staircase 1240mm
  • 12 Riser Staircase 1350mm
  • 13 Riser Staircase 1460mm
  • 14 Riser Staircase 1570mm
  • 15 Riser Staircase 1680mm
  • 16 Riser Staircase 1790mm

You can calculate the total length of the staircase by multiplying the number of risers your flight requires by 110mm (this gives you the 220mm Minimum Going size required by Building Regulations) then adding 20mm for the nosing overlap plus the thickness of one riser (Typically 9.6mm plywood).

Our standard width is 650mm but we can manufacture spacesaver staircases up to 800mm in width. Please let us know the width you require when you place your order.

Give one of our sales advisors a call on 01952 608853 to place your order for a spacesaver staircase or for a quick quotation, use the form below to send an enquiry or click here to order a spacesaver staircase online.

Building regulations

At Stairplan, we only supply the unfinished staircase - the responsibility for safe use of the staircase and meeting the finishing requirements of building regulations lies with the customer.

A few of the other general requirements dealing with Alternating Tread (spacesaver) staircases are :-

  • The staircase must have handrails to Both Sides.
  • The Treads must have slip resistant surfaces.
  • An Alternating Tread Staircase should only be used if there is insufficient room for a normal staircase.
  • An Alternating Tread Staircase should only be used in a Loft conversion where the staircase serves only 1 habitable room, together with if desired a bathroom and/or WC. This WC must not be the only WC in the dwelling.

Staircase Enquiry

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