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On this page we have some pictures of Open plan staircases.

What is an Open plan Staircase ?
Open plan is a staircase with openings where there are normaly risers, regulations state you must not be able to pass a 100mm sphere through the opening, this is why we have either a Riser downstand or a Bar on the drawings below. Open Plan Staircases are more expensive than closed staircases as they take longer to manufacture than closed.

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Boston Staircase in Oak
Pictured left is a Open plan winder staircase constructed using 40mm Engineered Beech with Stainless Steel Bar Inserts

Below A Traditional Open Plan with straight riser downstands - New Boston Staircase

Below A Straight Open Plan with Stainless Steel Bars in 28mm Parana Pine
Left - Openplan Staircase in Hardwood with Newel Bases ready for the Fusion System.