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Fusion Handrail System

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Fusion™ is a truly innovative new balustrading system created and designed by the Richard Burbidge product development team.
Sleekly designed connectors fix the rails and newels together and ingenious brackets fit the balusters to the minimalist round handrails and baserails.
Fusion is a revolutionary new stair balustrading system by Richard Burbidge Limited, produced from a combination of timber, metal and ABS plastic components.

Why revolutionary? Fusion will take around 5O% less time to install and finish than traditional timber balustrading.
The method of installation is extremely straightforward, for example, a typical straight flight in timber balustrading requires approximately 125 saw cuts, Fusion requires just seven Plus due to the nature of installation, the cuts are hidden by the fixing connectors so they dont even need to be 100% accurate.

Timber elements are completely pre-finished in clear varnish, and the metal and ABS components are ready to fit.

Fusion is suitable for both new build or refurbishment projects and is approved to UK Building Regulations.

Individually designed connectors create a distinct and unique look that will breathe life and texture to your hallway.

The Fusion™ of metal and timber creates a contemporary look that will set your staircase apart.
All Fusion™ components carry the Richard Burbidge dovetail logo.
Fusion™ is suitable for domestic stair pitches between 38º to 45º, and handrail heights of 900mm for stairs and landings.
The baluster brackets are designed to flex between 38º and 45º. Once fixed in place the ABS material they are made from means they will remain at the correct angle (Fig. 3).
The individual connectors allow significant adjustability to suit the majority of popular staircase configurations.
1. MMBCS (Bottom Connector)
The bottom connector can adjust to handrail pitches
of between 38º and 45º.
2. MMTCS (Top Connector)
The top connector has a sleeve that allows movement
up or down to suit the pitch of the handrail.
3. MMSBSUK (Staircase Baluster)
Due to its unique flexible fin, the staircase baluster is
able to adapt to pitches of between 38º and 45º.
To make things easier we offer a toolkit with all the necessary and specific tools required
to install Fusion™ balustrading.
The system can be installed using existing newel bases. Alternatively, if it is a new build or a complete refurbishment project, simply install Richard Burbidge newel bases and apply clear varnish to match.
In most cases there is no requirement to make any modifications to components other than
cutting the rails and newels to length. The cuts don’t even have to be 100% accurate as the
sawn ends are hidden by the handrail connecting brackets.
There are a variety of options available which can be mixed and matched to suit different tastes;
? Rails and Newels - Oak, Dark Hardwood, Pine & Beech
? Balusters - Chrome Plated & Gold Effect
? Connectors - Chrome Plated & Gold Effect

Fusion™ components have all been independently tested to conform
to UK Building Regulations, and are design registered and Patent Pending.
The string is the side of the staircase on which the balustrade is assembled. A cut string has the upper edge cut away to the shape of each individual step, so that the profile can be seen from the side. A closed string has the face housed to accommodate the steps, so that their profile cannot be seen. For full fitting instructions for both closed and cut string, please see the installation instruction leaflet packed with the newel base connector MMBCS/G.
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